Core Team

Thomas takes care of the game design, level design and the game graphics for Midnight Girl. Thomas also supervises the sound production and collaborate with the writer Morten Brunbjerg on the story for Midnight Girl.

Thomas has 15 years of experience in video game production, and has made titles for Sky, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. He was also the game director on Animal CaptainNeon Zone and the critically acclaimed point-and-click adventure The Silent Age.


Camilla Pedersen

Camilla is the programmer on Midnight Girl. Camilla is also responsible for the game’s schedule and budget.Camilla is a seasoned app and game developer. She has developed small games for settop boxes for Sky and Cartoon Network and large 3D games for Deadline Games. Camilla has developed iOS apps since the rise of App Store in 2008 and has also developed a few apps for Android and Windows Phone. Her clients include Truvo, Microsoft and YouSee.
She has also developed and released Animal Captain in collaboration with Thomas Ryder.


Frequent Collaborators


Morten writes the game story in collaboration with Thomas as well as handling all the text in the game.

Morten is an experienced game writer, whose clients include IO InteractiveCape and Full Control.


Katrine creates the sounds and soundscapes in Midnight Girl.

She has a lifelong obsession with creating sound. She has a playful and experimental approach to sound creation, and often reaches her goal through unconventional methods.Katrine’s musical palette includes pop music, ambient film scores and almost inaudible sound experiments. She has extensive knowledge of music and plays a number of acoustic instruments.


Mateo works as the assistant level designer on Midnight Girl. Mateo graduated from the IT-University of Copenhagen and brings a unique knowledge of game theory to the project. Mateo has previously been working as a game designer on the point-and-click adventure The Last Door.


Ida is our level design intern. She is currently a student at the IT-University of Copenhagen.